Basic Guitar Chords

Hope we help you to accomplish to learn a few chords for your guitar!!

OK so lets go have some fun!! and learn some stuff.

Looking to learn guitar? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here we will explore the three most basic guitar chords for beginners and the beginner steps to learning to play your guitar. The first thing that you’ll want to do is make sure you have a guitar pic, possibly a strap, a tuned guitar.

I’m going to skip right to some basic guitar chords (if you need very basic information, frets, strings, finger placements etc) then see our beginner guitar information here. Otherwise let’s begin.

Basic Guitar Chords 

G Major:

First we will learn how to play a G Major. You will use three fingers to play this chord. Your first finger will go on the 2nd fret on the 5th string. Next your second finger will go on the third fret on the first string. Finally yourthird finger will go on the third fret on the first string. For this chord you will strum 4 strings. See video above for an example on how to play the G Chord. Again, if you are reading through this and you do not know your frets, strings, finger placement please go to our beginner guitar section.

C Major:

Now we will learn a C Major (this chord is not any more difficult then the G major you just learned). First put your third finger (remember your index finger is your first finger, middle finger is second etc) on the third fret and fifth string. Next put your second finger on the second fret of the 4th string. Lastly put your first finger on the first fret second string. You will strum 5 strings for the C Chord. See video above.

D Major:

Next we will learnt he D major. D Major is slightly difficult because your fingers are going to feel crammed (when I first learned it I was scared) so be patient if you are a beginner. You are going to place your first finger on the second fret third string. Next you will put your third finger on the third fret second string. Lastly you will place your second finger on the second fret first string. For this chord you will strum 4 strings. See video above.

So you now know 3 major basic guitar chords (G,C,D) good job! Practice them a few times. Remember to strum all six strings (once you have placed your fingers) to make sure you are not touching a wrong string, not pressing down hard enough etc. There are a few songs that you will be able to play with these three chords (leaving on a jet plane, The Gambler) etc.

In order to continue you’ll most likely need some help actually playing the songs. I would recommend either getting into an online teaching program OR getting an private instructor. Either way I have found it pretty hard to do without. I attempted youtube, online research etc. but I found that everyone played differently (people would even play different variations of the chords and I was becoming very confused).

I found Jamarama guitar lessons it to be a pretty decent and  helpful program that  includes an interactive complete set of step by step beginner video lessons, monthly membership and access  to their website with all beginner lessons (250,754 students enrolled), guitar tuner, music reading games, and a metronome. It’s definitely worth checking out to learn guitar!

Good luck learning your basic guitar chords; stay determined (it does become tricky) but once you get the hang of it you’ll be so grateful you gave it a try!

G Chord

guitar chords g2

E Chord

basic guitar chords e 2

D Chord

basic guitar chords d 2

A Chord

basicguitar chords a 2

Wow !!! I really liked your site i will Definitely book mark this website i just started to learn an Acoustic Guitar  my husband got it for Christmas but i really love it too.. We can do it together and hopefully with your great info we can learn our first song together.

Catherine Albert